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We only carry Premium+Blessed White Sage. We do not carry low quality white sage.

All orders in 2015 will have Free delivery via registered mail within Singapore.

Upon ordering, we will contact you for confirmation. You only need to pay upon confirmation that your package is ready.

For credit card and paypal - We will send you an invoice to your email. All payment is to PayPal (the worldwide safest payment processor). You will pay to Paypal as we do not keep any of your creditcard or paypal account information.

We maintain NO RISK policy for our customers.

Upon confirming of your order, we will ensure that we have available Sage. 

As the quantity is fixed per year, customers will need to wait for the next year once the quantity is out of stock.

Finally do remember to click on the "send order" button to receive and acknowledgement email.


We Care, thus we appreciate that you spend some time to read this. Thank you.

  • We deliver on a first come first serve basis and will only reserve your order until 12pm Friday. 
  • All orders are subjected to reservation as we have limited quantity per batch.
  • Reservation is FREE and on first come first serve basis. Reservation will be voided for non-confirmed orders after cut off date. Cut off date will be indicated in our acknowledgement email.
  • Orders cancelled will have to re-queued. We seek your understanding that we may not be able to re-insert your order after cancellation.
  • Please DO NOT MAKE advance payment until your order is confirmed as this incurs unnecessary overheads to our admin process for refunds.
  • We DO NOT PRACTICE HARD-SELLING and only accept orders from this website do not fall prey to fake salesman who approach you outside.
  • We reserve the rights to refund you in full for advance payment that are not confirmed.
  • We will report to Police for any scams that falsely represent us.
  • For your understanding.
  • Please check your email spam folder if you do not see our reply within 1 working day


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