Modes of Payment

Payment (Internet Banking, Via ATM Or Creditcard Or PayPal)

Internet Banking or Funds transfer via ATM - Zero processing fees

Creditcard Or Paypal - Additional 2.9% processing fee

We Care, thus we appreciate that you spend some time to read this. Thank you.

  • We deliver on a first come first serve basis and will only reserve your order (by midnight within the next 2 working days) . 
  • All orders are subjected to reservation as we have limited quantity per batch.
  • Reservation is FREE and on first come first serve basis. Reservation will be voided for non-confirmed orders after cut off date. Cut off date will be indicated in our acknowledgement email.
  • Orders cancelled will have to re-queued. We seek your understanding that we may not be able to re-insert your order after cancellation.
  • Please DO NOT MAKE advance payment until your order is confirmed as this incurs unnecessary overheads to our admin process for refunds.
  • We DO NOT PRACTICE HARD-SELLING and only accept orders from this website do not fall prey to fake salesman who approach you outside.
  • We reserve the rights to refund you in full for advance payment that are not confirmed.
  • We will report to Police for any scams that falsely represent us.
  • For your understanding.


Remember these two quotes

“Nothing important was ever achieved without someone taking a chance.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Customers waiting to get their hands on to try. Each have been pre-ordered and sorted by district for delivery. No one is going to wait for good luck to fly away. Is your order right here? 


[+] Ordering and Delivery Options through shopping card

Select our products on the shopping cart. We will respond within 3 working days on the stock availability.

We will contact you on the total cost including delivery options. Delivery option : Registered Mail (Free of charge) , Door delivery ($40), Hotel ($80), Airport delivery ($120 Please RSVP in advance)

You will not need to share any bank account information on our shopping cart. At SacredSageSG we want to ensure that you benefit from our products with NO RISK to your purchase.

Internet Banking or Funds transfer via ATM

Upon receiving our email acknowledgement proceed to make payment to our banking account at UOB Savings : 447-100-402-7 OR POSB Savings : 023-45265-0 within 3 working days and send us the following information

(1) Depositor Name and HP number

(2) Date and time of payment

(3) Payment to which account (UOB Savings : 447-100-402-7 OR POSB Savings : 023-45265-0)

(4) Amount transfered

(5) Address.

For funds transfer please use your HP number for initials on the internet banking website so that we can trace your payment easier.


Creditcard or Paypal 

We will send an electronic invoice to you via PayPal. PayPal supports payment via paypal account and major credit cards. PayPal is one of the safest and largest electronic payment option worldwide. We only work with paypal due to its secure transaction policy.


How Long does the delivery take

1 day for urgent orders (direct door delivery) or 3-4 days for mail delivery. However due to the amount of orders the month we may not be able to deliver on time on festive seasons or school holidays. As White Sage can be kept for up to 2 years we strongly suggest our customers to order in advance. Each batch of shipment is around 2-3 months. 


Does this comes with instructions.

Yes, we have Sets that comes with full instructions. The instructions are comprehensive and have been used by our customers for many years. This has the full techniques that you can use for home cleansing, personal cleansing and cleansing of energy attaching items like gemstones, diamonds and wedding bands. These instructions are unique, comprehensive and is compiled only for the customers of SacredSageSG. These instructions are meant to be used with our Premium White Sage because each is pure quality White Sage. 


We only deliver using registered mail (Singapore Post) and only to locations in Singapore. This is because, White Sage is limited in supply and we do not want our stock to be damaged during delivery as the next shipment will be 2-3 months later. Delivery using registered mail is free on charge in Singapore only. For locations overseas, we will contact you on the DHL charges separately.