Frequently Asked Questions

Question : I placed an order for White Sage. To what account number do I transfer the money?
Answer : You should transfer to the account that you selected in the order form. The account number should be in the email sent to you at the point of reservation. You can contact us if you wish to clarify the account number.
Question : I placed an order for White Sage when will you deliver by this?
Answer : Each premium white sage is relatively expensive. We use registered mail to ensure delivery. The white sage will be delivered the next working day using SMARTPAC and should reach you within the next 2-3 working days.
Question : I will be reaching Singapore on monday and would like to come to your store to know more.
Answer : We do not have physical stores. As our premium white sage is in very limited supply thus we will not be able to cover rental and staff cost. Providing Premium White Sage is our way to share with the community as we benefited from this.
Question : When is the next batch?
Answer : We usually have the next batch within 1-2 wks. However there will be times when the next batch is 2-3 months away. We will give our regular customers priority, follow by new customers. Customers who reserved but will not proceed can re-order however we will only provide if we have sufficient stocks.
Question : There will be full instructions?
Answer : Yes, all the instructions will be provided.
Question : I saw this website just now and my home reno is tomorrow, can i pick up today immediately?
Answer: We are sorry, our delivery options are indicated on the chart. As we have a very low quantity per day thus we only accept reservations.
Question : Will you be increasing the stock?
Answer : Our supply is limited as 80% are for our families, friends, referrals and regulars. We do not stockpile and have no intention to gain mass customers.
Question : What is the difference between Premium White Sage and normal sage from other sources.
Answer : We do not comment on other sources. Thus we advice customers to ensure that they obtain the right and top grade. Cleansing using sub quality and not properly handled white sage does not provide any benefits. When it comes to premium white sage, quality matters a lot more. Results matters.
Question : Why should i believe and try this?
Answer : We cannot answer this question. Each of us makes careful judgement and have our own opinions. The nature provided us wonderful gifts that cannot fully be explained by science. However success spreads through word of mouth. Success has always favored the open minded. Never the stubborn. In short, your current outcome does not change unless new actions alter the path. If you need more positive then this is one area to work. We always suggest to customers that this is one quick technique will work. The choice is up to them.
Question : Can i pay by creditcard or paypal?
Answer : Yes you can. We accept creditcard payment (fees fully absorbed by us). We will send you an electronic invoice via paypal to your email address.
Question : Should i use internet banking or paypal?
Answer : We prefer internet banking as paypal charges us for creditcard processing or paypal processing. We recognise that many new customers prefers the assurance of paypal. Thus we are still happy to provide this option if it means that you have a positive transformation in your family and personal life through using white sage. Through trust, many of our regular customers then moved to internet banking and we hope that you can join them soon.
Question : Should i cleanse the home before or after reno.
Answer : The best is to perform both before and after! This is because you can effectively cleanse any lingering energy to the minimium. However we understand that no all new owners have that choice. Thus next is to always cleanse before the furnitures. If you get to see this after you have moved in, no worries you can still do this. In fact you should do it asap. You just need to do it more offen.
Question : Can i keep the left overs?
Answer : Yes. Normal white sage is easy to get. Premium white sage is extremely difficult. Thus any leftovers should be keep for future use. Do not waste it!
Question : Must i use all?
Answer : No, for home cleansing you should use till the home is full of smoke. Then you should wet it under tap water and let it dry. Keep this for use next time.
Question : My home has  a different orientation. Should i start from rooms or kitchen?
Answer : Always end at the living room. Thus you can start from bedroom or kitchen but always end at kitchen.
Question : Is there any best time to perform cleansing?
Answer : You can perform anytime. However for home cleansing we suggest daytime as it is easier to gauge if the home is filled with smoke. For personal cleansing you can do it anytime. We also strongly recommend that you perform home cleansing when you reach home after an unhappy incident at work.
Question : If i missed a room what should i do?
Answer : No problem you can cleanse that room again next time if you do not wish to do it now.
Question : After home cleansing should we stay in the house or leave?
Answer : It is up to you. However to feel the impact we suggest that you feel the home before cleansing, then after cleansing to leave the home. In this way when you come back you can compare the difference before and after. If you stay in the house, it will be difficult for you to feel the huge difference unless you are very sensitive to energy.
Question : Should i keep the windows fully open?
Answer : In our instructions we suggest that you keep the windows close and only open a slight window panel. This is to ensure that most smoke is filled in the home and it pushes the negative energy out through a small opening. If you keep all windows open then the smoke will quickly leave the house and not being able to fully remove the negative energy.
Question : How long before we see the results?
Answer : This depends on each of us. It is important to always perform home cleansing first at least 1-2 times if you have never performed home cleasning before. This removes a huge amount of negative energy within your home. Within the next 1-2 weeks you will experience improvements in luck and health. This indication come is the form of you find yourself or family down with less common illness or recovering much faster. 70% of our customers notice this.  Some may even experience much more stamina in their work and the ability to focus better. Usually after 1-2 month most negative energy will be removed and you are on the journey to repairing your positive energy.
Areas that can be quite visible if you observe.
Old parents at home : Signs of better health and better mood. Can surface when they smile.
Working professionals : Signs of better stress management. such as the abilty to move on after setbacks. People surrounding you now tend to be more receptive.
Yourself : You have more ideas often. Take note of these ideas. If you are experiencing major setbacks; Note these ideas that come straight to you. There are hints to help you out. However do note that negative energy may still be heavy and you and thus if you have any intention to gamble pls do not do so. At best you can buy a little lottery like 4D ..$1 big / $1 small if you can afford. 
More will be added soon....