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Have an open mind. Use this for Positive Breakthrough." - Founder of Furlaun; importer and distributor of premium chocolates, their chocolates was featured widely on major magazines in Singapore.


"As a stock trader, I believed in skills, experience, intuition and luck. I have seen so many times that strong intuition and luck is so important having been in this line for so many years. I am amazed with


"The ability to invite true fortune and wealth by effectively removing negative energy is a blessing given to the few deserving. I am honored to be given the chance to learn and use it" - 2007, regular customer.


"After experiencing this, I put out my neck and reputation to support recommend this to all my friends and family.", new customer Andrew Tang


 "I was introduced to this 4 years ago by a good friend. I noticed a huge difference in his motivation and also his achievements. Since then, I decided that I must be the first in the queue to tap onto the chance to improve my positive luck. This is one that i must jump queue :)" James Ong



 I moved into my new home in fernvale and i feel uncomfortable. At times, i feel that someone is with in the room but i am alone. I tried smuding the house ... same feeling the first week, but by the third week the feeling is gone. I now feel that this is truely my home.


The spiritual energy in my general little bubble — especially my home — feels completely renewed. And for all intents and purposes, I’m going to say it’s the sage.


It had a cleansing feeling. Made the whole room feel good. You know how your car seems to run a little better after a good detailing and washing? Kind of like that.


Thanks so much for this information. I’ve heard of sage for decades and am almost embarrassed to say that the scent of sage burning has made me nauseous every time I’ve smelled this scent. Because of this article, I found my white sage and did a smudging around my apartment yesterday and it was incredible. No nauseous feeling and I actually love the scent now. I was inhaling deeply to take it into my lungs more fully. My apartment felt so much lighter and higher frequency after using this, I’m amazed at how powerful this wonderful plant / plant is.


I've finally removed that negative entity in my house. White sage has helped like nothing else. I've smudged with it the last couple of days and the air in here is now so clear


I always felt uncomfortable staying at my place. At times there are funerals around here at the void decks... since young I have been sensitive to the spiritual. However i have not saved enough to move to a condo. I found white sage on the internet and experienced it. It cleared my house of the uneasy feeling. Now i am using this heavily on days when there are funerals and it makes the house totally different. I am sensitive and now it is working for me this is especially important for me during chinese ghost month and i am sure to keep some in my bag on my OT nights.


Renovation is the only time i can do a full cleansing. I am fortune to have found premium white sage. This second home feels so refreshing and the clean feeling i just cannot describe it. Definitely it is white sage... i know it 


I am getting married soon and i have frequent argument with my partner and even my parents. Whatever I say they dont seem to want to listen. My friend recommended me White Sage. I smudged myself before the family discussions and i start to notice that I am now communicating calmly and clearly. Every preparation seems to go one much smoothly without arguments... I cannot explain it but it seems to be the smudging.


I am getting married soon, but day by day i was getting worried till the stage that i am thinking of backing out of the wedding. A friend recommended me to White sage, after a few times, i feel totally different, the worries feeling is totally gone.


Many years ago, i had an unhappy relationship with my bf. It ended with abortion and we then go separate ways. I am now going to be married to my new bf of 3 years. However i felt guilty and wanted to tell him about the past. I was afraid but i know that i will always be forever guilty.  I came upon this site while searching for something to erase the past but i found a lifesaver. After cleansing, i feel positive and actually have the courage. One evening, i broke the news to my fiance and I was surprised after a little argument it all goes fine. I honestly would not have the courage if not for white sage.


Recently i attended my best friends wedding. Just a few weeks ago she seems totally worn out. However during the wedding dinner she is totally different and full of energy.A few weeks later during a gathering she shared that she has been cleansing herself and every time she found new energy and a spirit of positives around her. I am now using white sage and starting to feel the positive energy around me.


Wow, i cannot believe it. It was a last min decision and my hubby and i were glad that we could get our hands on white sage. At the eleven hour just before our grand day, we performed a quick smudging. It was the best experience we had. The wedding night was totally ours and this is one day that i can totally experience the amount of blessings from the guest. Was it white sage? I am sure it is. Thanks again for helping us with the last min request.


Hi, thanks for sharing with us White Sage. It was our wedding night and my best night. My senses was totally open and i really enjoyed my special night with my husband.


It was ridiculous. I was holding this massive wad of dried weeds, with a burning tip the size of a  baseball. With smoke pouring out the windows, passers-by on the street looked up as though there was an emergency going on, actually pointing at my windows. I could hardly breathe and my eyes were watering up but I was determined to make the place mine, and I even had to unplug the smoke detector. I wound up burning a hole in the carpet…shhh, I put a chair over it, and fairly distressing the very persinickity upstairs neighbour who glowered at me from that moment on. But, it WORKED. After that day, the place felt like MINE. It was home.


My mom was super into smudging and Native American spirituality as I was growing up and I’m pretty sure every place I lived in as a child was smudged before we moved in. This practice had totally slipped my mind until I saw this post and made me realize I should do this in my own home.


My younger sis is now married and i am so happy for her. During the ceremony she shared that she perform pre marriage cleansing. I feel amazed by her attitude and i too felt a difference in her home today. How i hope that someone introduced me to white sage earlier.


 My family has been collecting antiques for many years. Recently we chanced upon an antique watch that my dad loves very much. My elder brother does not feel good with this and thus we suggested not to proceed with buy. A few days later, when we returned to our shop, we were shocked that our dad bought it. He mentioned that the customer came back and lowered the price and he feel its an excellent price. But strange things began to happen in the house... we had broken items, items that were lost and later found again... Dad engaged a fengshui master but nothing seem to help. Eventually we tried White Sage... the first week was the same ... by the fifth week everything returned to normal. We are now using white sage every week at both office and home and it brings a safe piece of mind. I have to admit that this incident caused me to rethink about spiritual belief.While white sage is used mostly as a ritual herb, I use it any time I feel my apartment's energy needs to be cleansed of any stagnation I may feel throughout my space.Sage is a wonderful herb that is not only good for cooking and Alternative Medicines but has great Spiritual benefits


I have been into stocks for 10 years but I was nowhere... everytime i make some i also lose some. However things start to turn around after using White Sage. It seems to clear my mind and I can now easiler hear my inner voices. It happened again and again, my mind is now telling me when to get out and when to go in. I am very happy with White Sage for helping me make back my $100K. White Sage is a gift and I hope more people will try this.


I hope people won't act as usual again, ignoring anything that might help them and only focusing on sensational claims and threads. Sage smudging is an amazing tool that applies to everyone who wants to stay within love and Light.


Yes, this plant will help to cleanse and remove negative or unwanted energies from areas or people. But there is more.White Sage is a spiritual cleanser and used in this manner is a powerful ally worthy of it's worldwide reputation


I am a hardworking chap, until one day I was retrenched from the job. After a couple of months, I lost all the drive. I was depressed and sick of it all. I found white sage on the internet and tried it out of desperation. The first few days was no effect at all, but a week later i found myself with more energy. I didnt notice that i stop grumbling until my mom mention to me that i seem to have cooled down a little. I found renewed energy and could perform during my interviews and finally landed on a good job. White sage seems to clear all the negatives out of my life so that i can subconsciously focus on the good ... i am sticking with white sage for as long as it can.


A friend recommended me to use this as i was always procrastinating. I would laugh him off until one day i could not stand enough of myself and tried it. The feeling is different, almost instantaneous. I dont know how to say it , but i start talking positives it seems to calm me down.


I work in the financial sector and i am totally stressed out each day. I can feel that one day i sure will die of heart attack if i continue on. While surfing the internet, i came upon white sage. Now i am using this to calm myself .. it is definitely worth it. Much much better than my dollars spent on massage parlours  that did not seems to help


This is so strange, i was always looking for ways to start my own business but always at the last min i would back off. After trying white sage, i seems to have better control over my thoughts, i actually took the step to register a company and started my first business. Along the way, helps seems to come along just when i needed it... it seems that somehow my luck improve tremendously.


I am in the IT sector and most of the time, my boss would not even look at me. To the many folks in the department, i am a normal worker who does not fit the bill to be the special person who can help the company during times of needs. So, i was always sidestep for promotion. A personal friend recommended me white sage for personal cleansing however i found a gift ,... at some time, i prayed that there is an event that can proof my worth in the company... and true enough a few weeks later, some many event occured. While everyone was panicking, I was cool and level headed, quick differently from last time where i would head out to be safe, instead this time, i was walking into the panick and solving the issue. It worked and for the first time, my teammates looked at me differently. White sage seems to have the ability to allow me to show my strengths by clearing my mind off the distractions.


I did it many times but all with white sage. Before many meetings with clients, i would smudge myself to clear of all negative enegy and bad luck. With the best luck supporting me, i manage true it successfully. This is my best and most powerful weapon to get that deal.


After I receive smudging, it always leaves me with an immense sense of calm. It is as if the volume of the room has been switched off, and there is no more anxiety or restlessness. It is one of the most powerful cleansers of aura.


I think smudging is a great way to clear a place of negative energy and it can be used on people too - I do smudging on myself as well together with prayers. It helps for me .


This plant is a long time friend of mine. Thank You White Sage for this freindship and all of your help and blessings. I can't imagine my life without this friend.


I was diagnosed with a rare illness and have been depressed since. I have good friends and family support but i just could not get over it. I hated gatherings and hated talking to people. One day, i found white sage online. I tried it. The feeling was different, no more anxiety, pity for myself. Somehow i started to challange myself mentally why i wanted to feel depressed. A few weeks later i found strength to start again and today i am giving talks to other people to help themselves. White Sage is different, i could not explain it but white sage does a lot to calm me down so that i can take back control.


I had skin rashes since young and it has bother me. No amount of medicine seems to help. During a friend gathering, i was introduced to white sage and i just brush it off. A few days later, i was off with a bad rash again and this time i was desperate enough to use it. This is amazing, it controlled my rash.. even my doctor is amazed. My doctor mention that it could be the stress that is triggering off my rash and white sage could be calmed me down. I dont know for sure the reason but i am sure white sage is a must for me now. Should i know of white sage then i do not need to endure till now.


My son has been diagnose with childhood fits and have random episodes. Evey now and then the family would be in arguments over small things.. the tension is tense and everyone is stress up with taking care of this baby of ours. After trying white sage, my son seems to have stabalized, it has been 3 years sinces the last espisode and i am routinely using white sage to clean the house.


Ever since my father passed away, my mother has been withdrawn and had run down a lot. We even brought our children to her house to brighten her up but she kept saying that she has no energy. A few weeks ago, we took the problem into our down hands and smudge the entire house. Needless to say she has no energy to argue with us. But within a few weeks my mom showed more energy and is now playing with my kids. I have absolutely no idea what happened but my mom told me that she thought about it that she still have us to accompany her. I asked her isnt that the case as always? But my mom say that somehow after the smudging she felt the postive more strongly than the negative side. Talk about energy... white sage rocks.!


My son would always complain of disturbance and point to the ceiling. One day we took him to a fengshui master and we were told that he could see the supernatural. However there is nothing we can do to prevent it. It was in year 2000 that we are introduced to white sage. After smudging my kid quiet down a lot. We were told that white sage has protection abilities and i hope that my son can outgrow this.


Once my kid urine outdoor and subsequently he experienced bad nights. Nothing seemed to help until a friend gave me some loose leaves. Later i learnt that this is white sage, it can protect the family if kept at home.


My baby would cry for no reason in the middle of the night. We installed CCTV but could not find anything. I was introduced to white sage and now place a bundle in my baby room. Every week i would also cleanse the house... it seem to work.


My daughter would frequently complain of uneasyness when coming home from school. It is bright daylight and at one time, we were thinking that she is lazy to go to school. Now we put a small pack in her bag.