Blindspots and Areas that are often overlook

The following are valuable tips for our customers

1) Should I perform home cleansing.

Home cleansing should always be done before you move into a new place. This is to remove any remaining energy from mixing with you and your family thus creating future problems. Many times, the needs will not be immediately visible. It takes months or even years to notice a degration fo luck, wealth or career. In fact, for many, it was later. We have a classic case where bankruptcy happened that they found out the previously owner is also a bankrupt after knowing how to search bankrupt records having gone through bankrupty themselves. Once the negative energy is ingrain it takes time to remove it. Almost always, the seller will not tell the truth.

2) I met with a car accident or I lose a job.

This is a strong indication that your life is turning for the worst. Do not simply brush it aside as it may just be a warning of what is to come. In fact, you should quickly perform cleansing as frequently as possible by reducing your negative energy. Then concurrently regularly visit places of worship to push up your luck further.

3) I wear good luck charms, so shouldnt I be already protected.

Charms needs to be properly cleansed and removed of all energies that it has contacted with. Example the person creating the beads, stringing it, delivering it? Even down to the customers who walk into the shop and touches it , including you. Over time, the charm has been affected with so many different people that it will not notice you. As a matter of fact, the short cleansing if ever provided by the sales staff may not be enough to fully cleanse it. Well how do you know? The answer is you do not. And thus it is very important to have the tools to cleanse it yourself, as much as possible regularly.

In additional, most if not all charms today needs to be charge otherwise after a week or so , it effect is essentially useless.


4) I have fengshui items, do it still need this?

Fengshui is widely respected and so does it practitioners. Do you know that even fengshui practitioner encourages energy cleansing using white sage? Read around you will be amazed. In additional, wouldnt it be good that you are self equipped to cleanse your home and yourself as and when you need it? Well unless you are super rich to engage healers or masters whenever you feel the need.


5) After argument i do not feel good.

Well of course. During argument, a whole lot of negative energy is generated. It spreads across the entire room and home and then gets absorbed by all around. The person who win, generates a little positive energy by feeling like a winner but the negative energy generated is much more. Example the winner gets 10% positive energy but 90% negative energy. The loser takes all the negative energy 100%. So it is a lose lose confrontation. If this does happens, after the episode, perform home cleansing and personal cleansing.


6) What other good can come from personal cleansings.

Each of us has the ability to ask for the blessings that we want. The respond comes back to use in subtle ways as advice in our heads or events that happen around us. We make choices because on our intuition. If your intuition is poor, clouded by negative energy then we make poor judgement calls. Remember times in your life where one of your collegue or friends make a choice that you feel is not good and yet turns out extremely favourable for him? This is because we can only judge base on information we know but our judgement is flawed because one choice leads a new path and we will never ever know that. This is it important and infact extremely important to be full of positive energy in order to tap into the ability to make the right judgement.


7) I had a miscarriage or abortion

We strongly advice couples to provide proper pray services to the lost child according to their religion. In additional to follow professional advice to nuture back to health. On top of that, we encourage the couple to perform home cleansing and also personal cleansing. This is to remove any negative energy that resulted in the lost and also to prevent any attachment of the lost child. By removing the attachment and preventing the child from coming new, the child will have to move on thus to bring to a proper closure. As for singles who were rush and made a decison on abortion, both the girl and the guy should perform personal cleansing to remove any negative energy resulting them in making this seriously wrong decision in their life.